The aim of the Space theme under FP7 is to support a European Space Programme focusing on applications such as “Global monitoring for environment and security” (GMES) with benefits for citizens and for the competitiveness of the European space industry.

This will contribute to the development of a European space policy, complementing efforts by Member States and by other key players, including the European Space Agency (ESA).

In the last 40 years, Europe has built up excellent technological competence, both nationally and through ESA. Sustaining a competitive industry, including manufacturers, service providers and operators, requires new research and technologies.

Space applications bring important benefits to citizens by virtue of technological spin-off effects and are indispensable in a high tech society.

Emphasis will be given to the following activities:

  • Space-based applications serving European society – developing satellite observation systems and the GMES services for the management of the environment, security, agriculture, forestry and meteorology, civil protection and risk management;
  • Exploration of space – provision of support for collaborative initiatives between ESA or national space agencies, as well as coordinating efforts for the development of space-borne telescopes;
  • Strengthening Space foundations – support research for long term needs such as space transportation, bio-medicine, life and physical sciences in space.