International Success after an IDT project

With 17 years of experience, Blue Screen was created with the mission of accessorizing decisions through a top consulting work. It’s a quick and sharp company which supplies services of software development and systems maintenance. In the various projects that were developed over the years, were used technology that allowed the fast development of systems, with high quality and at low price – that was one of the main factors of the company success – allowing their clients a fast adaptation of their business to new realities, implementation and testing of new products and services. In addition, in relying on specialized team which helps the client implementing global solutions of integrated IT, modern and trustworthily.

In 2013, Blue Screen wanted to bring to European market a totally online platform, which, levered by a fast launch, would suppress the needs of a large group of companies, especially SMEs, which search complex solutions that helps the management of the various areas of business, allying the high flexibility of customization at a low exploration cost.

With the project of investigation and development for the XPressBSS solution, Blue Screen expand the range of services provided, the quantity of clients, their geography, team, invoicing and EBITD margin. The development of this project was financed by QREN under an investigation and development program. The I&D focus were the ERP systems, the electronic invoice for instance, able to operate in different Europe countries, being speciality important for multinationals.

In 2013/2014 Blue Screen was present in 5 countries, Portugal, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and Brazil, and in 2016 expanded its presence, to 7 more, Cape Verde, France, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and USA, making a total of 12 countries.

Initially, in 2013, the team was formed by 8 employees, presently there are 17.

Another reference that shows the Blue Screen success is the invoicing, started with € 279.336,43 in 2013 and reached € 753.336,80 in 2016.

Since 2013 Blue Screen had a constant annual increase and ended 2016 with 83% of its sales created by exportation services. With that, it has had a global growth and maintains its EBITDA above 12.5% of the sales.