The objective of energy research under FP7 is to aid the creation and establishment of the technologies necessary to adapt the current energy system into a more sustainable, competitive and secure one. It should also depend less on imported fuels and use a diverse mix of energy sources, in particular renewables, energy carriers and non polluting sources.

Growing global demand for energy to power economic development and growth demands the development of cost-effective technologies for a more sustainable energy economy for Europe (and world-wide) to ensure that European industry can compete successfully on the global stage.

The EU Member States and the European Parliament have earmarked a total of € 2.35 billion for funding this theme over the duration of FP7.

Emphasis will be given to the following activities:

  • Hydrogen and fuel cells
  • Renewable electricity generation
  • Renewable fuel production
  • Renewables for heating and cooling
  • CO2 capture and storage technologies for zero emission power generation
  • Clean Coal Technologies
  • Smart energy networks
  • Energy efficiency and savings
  • Knowledge for energy policy making